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Boee~! Challenge to a Song! !
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode 7
Boee~! Uta e no chousen!!
Air Date
May 19, 2006
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Episode Guide
Exhausting! Idol Training!!
Oh no! Live at First Stage!!

Boee~! Challenge to a Song!! (ボエ〜ッ!歌への挑戦!! Boee~! Uta e no chousen!!?) is the seventh episode of the Kirarin Revolution anime series, which aired on May 19, 2006. This is the seventh episode of season 1.


An influential CD producer has his eyes set on Kirari and even decides to debut her CD, but Kirari can't sing. Her destructive singing voice causes her to be kicked out by every CD producer. Na-san, with some background on singing, teaches her how to become a better singer. With a slim chance of Kirari debuting her first CD, Seiji finds a perfect method to succeed Kirari's singing debut. Will Kirari be able to sing properly and have her debut?

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tsukishima Kirari
  2. Na-san
  3. Kazama Hiroto
  4. Hiwatari Seiji
  5. Producer Muranishi
  6. Kumoi Kasumi
  7. Kamata Tomo
  8. Tsukishima Takashi
  9. Obaa-chan
  10. Ogura Erina
  11. TanTan


Kirarin Revolution episode 7 part 110:30

Kirarin Revolution episode 7 part 1

Courtesy of Miku Hatsune.

Kirarin Revolution episode 7 part 212:16

Kirarin Revolution episode 7 part 2

Courtesy of Miku Hatsune.

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