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Exhausting! Idol Training! !
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode 6
Hero hero~! Aidolu shugyou!!
Air Date
May 12, 2006
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Episode Guide
That Can't Be! The First Job!!
Boee~! Challenge to a Song!!

Exhausting! Idol Training!! (ヘロヘロ〜ッ!アイドル修行!! Hero hero~! Aidolu shugyou!!?) is the sixth episode of the Kirarin Revolution anime series, which aired on May 12, 2006. This is the sixth episode of season 1.


Muranishi eyes Kirari as a marketing model for a company called Rainbow Cosmetics. However, Kirari's unclear and strange mind of being an idol results in a rejection of her modeling for Rainbow Cosmetics. To help Kirari become a proper idol, Muranishi assigns Kirari to be the manager of SHIPS for a day. Will Kirari be able to model for Rainbow Cosmetics?

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tsukishima Kirari
  2. Na-san
  3. Kazama Hiroto
  4. Hiwatari Seiji
  5. Producer Muranishi
  6. Kumoi Kasumi
  7. Kirisawa Aoi
  8. Director Nijigawa


Kirarin revolution episode 6 part 110:02

Kirarin revolution episode 6 part 1

Courtesy of Melody chara.

Kirarin revolution episode 6 part 212:56

Kirarin revolution episode 6 part 2

Courtesy of Melody chara.

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