STAGE 3 - Season 1 & 2


Kanji カメさん
Romaji Kame-san
Gender Male
Birthday May 2
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Debut Episode 1
Final Episode 153
Voice Actress/Actor

Kame-san (カメさん?) is a minor character in Kirarin Revolution, and is Hiwatari Seiji's pet tortoise. He was born on May 2 and is a Taurus. He has very pale green skin and a green shell.


Similar to his owner, Kame-san is kind and innocent.


Hiwatari Seiji (日渡 星司) is the owner of Kame-san. Kame-san cares for Seiji deeply as does Seiji for Kame-san. When Hiroto accidentally spills his soda on Kame-san in episode 46, Seiji reacts angrily to Hiroto; this incident nearly leads to SHIPS breaking up. Kame-san is often seen on Seiji's shoulder.

Tsukishima Kirari (月島きらり): When Kirari and Na-san first meet Kame-san, he was stuck in the tree, which Kirari saves him from. This then leads to Seiji meeting Kirari and Kirari falling in love with him. Kame-san also helps Kirari out like when planning out the skit for the wedding competition.

Name OriginEdit

"Kame-san" means "tortoise" in Japanese.

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