Kasumi♪ Cinderella of the spring wind
Season 1, Episode 37
Kasumi♪Harukaze no Shinderera♪
Air Date
December 15, 2006
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Mizuiro Melody
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Naa, Mya~ Wani-! No.1 Pet Tournament!!
Confession!? SHIPS' Birthday
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Kasumi♪ Cinderella of the spring wind (かすみ♪春風のシンデレラ♪) is the 37th episode of the Kirarin Revolution anime series, which aired on December 15, 2006.


Kasumi and Kirari was at a photoshooting when a accident happen reveals a history with Muranshi. Kirari went to Muransihi with Hiroto, and Seji to check out what happen 10 years ago when Kasumi was starting as a idol. Muranishi expains how  they become rivals and how she lost her dream. Kirari is planning to something to surprise her when she discover that her fans want to see her first ever concert. Giving back her lost concert.

Apperance ListEdit

coming soon~~

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