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Kira Pika
Kanji きら☆ぴか
Romaji Kira☆Pika
Debut Episode 62
Final Episode 77
Voice Actress/Actor

Kira☆Pika (きら☆ぴか?) was an idol group in the Kirarin Revolution anime series. The group consists of two members: Tsukishima Kirari and Mizuki Hikaru. Kira☆Pika was a Hello! Project unit consisting of the two character's seiyuus, Koharu Kusumi from Morning Musume and Mai Hagiwara from °C-ute.

The duo only released one album consisting of two singles: "Hana wo Puun" and "Futari wa NS." The duo became inactive afterwards, and disbanded once the anime was over in 2009.


All of Kira☆Pika's songs can be found here.


By the last episode of the anime, Kira☆Pika was long split up, but Hikaru shows up to Kirari's performance of "Happy☆Happy Sunday!" and is seen smiling. They most likely remained best friends since they split.

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