Regular Edition - Limited Edition

Kirarin Land Limited Album

Single by Tsukishima Kirari starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume), Kira☆Pika
Released December 19, 2007
Format CD
Recorded 2007
Genre Anime
Length 41:03
Label Zetima

Kirarin☆Land (きらりん☆ランド Kirarin☆Rando?) is an album that is a collection of songs in the anime and others sung by Tsukishima Kirari (Koharu Kusumi from Morning Musume) and Kira☆Pika. It was released on December 19, 2007.

Track ListingEdit

Regular EditionEdit


  1. Happy ☆彡 (ハッピー☆彡 Happī ☆彡?) by Tsukishima Kirari
  2. Chance! (チャンス! Chansu!?) by Tsukishima Kirari
  3. Olala by Tsukishima Kirari
  4. Himawari (ヒマワリ Sunflower?) by Tsukishima Kirari
  5. Konnichipa (こんにちぱ Hello?) by Tsukishima Kirari
  6. Very! Berry! Strawberry! by Tsukishima Kirari
  7. Hana wo Puun (はなをぷーん Pun to the Nose?) by Kira☆Pika
  8. Koi no Mahou wa Habibi no Bi! (恋の魔法はハビビのビ! Love's Magic Is a Lover's Beauty?) by Tsukishima Kirari
  9. Futari wa NS (ふたりはNS The Two of Us Are NS?) by Kira☆Pika
  10. Ramutara (ラムタラ?) by Tsukishima Kirari
  11. Shiawase Clover (幸せクローバー Shiawase Kurōbā?) (lit. "Good Luck Clover") by Tsukishima Kirari

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