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Oh no! Live at First Stage! !
Season 1, Episode 8
Episode 8
Awawawa! Hatsu suteeji de namahousou!!
Air Date
May 26, 2006
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Episode Guide
Boee~! Challenge to a Song!!
Surprise! Illusionist Arashi!!

Oh no! Live at First Stage!! (あわわわ!初ステージで生放送!! Awawawa! Hatsu suteeji de namahousou!!?) is the eighth episode of the Kirarin Revolution anime series, which aired on May 26, 2006. This is the eighth episode of season 1.


Kirari performs live on TV with SHIPS for the first time! Erina, trying to take place of Kirari, kidnaps Na-san with taiyaki as a bait and ships Na-san to a zoo far away. With the live show about to begin, Kirari desperately searches for Na-san. As the show runs late, Erina convinces the producers to let her perform. Will Kirari return in time, and will Na-san be reunited with his owner?

Appearance ListEdit

  1. Tsukishima Kirari
  2. Na-san
  3. Kazama Hiroto
  4. Hiwatari Seiji
  5. Kame
  6. Producer Muranishi
  7. Kumoi Kasumi
  8. Kamata Tomo
  9. Ogura Erina
  10. Shakujii
  11. TanTan
  12. Tsukishima Takashi


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