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Tsukishima Takashi
STAGE 3 - Season 1 & 2


Kanji 月島 天
Romaji Tsukishima Takashi
Gender Male
Family Tsukishima Luna/Urara (wife)
Tsukishima Subaru (son)
Tsukishima Kirari (daughter)
Obaa-chan (mother-in-law)
Occupation(s) Businessman (formerly)
Owner and Chef of Kirarin Café (currently)
Love Interest(s) Tsukishima Luna/Urara (married)
Debut Episode 1
Final Episode 153
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Chomenori Yamawaki

Tsukishima Takashi (月島 天?) is a minor character in Kirarin Revolution. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Takashi is voiced by Chomenori Yamawaki.


In the past, Takashi was a businessman for a company. However, he quits to pursue his dream of owning a café. When his children Kirari and Subaru were little, his wife, Urara, wanted to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, but she didn't want to leave them. Takashi told her that he'll look after the children while she's away. They both promise each other that they'll pursue their dreams, and see who could reach their dreams first.


Takashi has a laid-back and kind personality, however, he shows resentment when Kirari wanted to become an idol. Although he doesn't tell her why he's oppose to it, he discovers how serious she is of becoming an idol and begins to support her.


Tsukishima Kirari (月島きらり?) is Takashi's youngest child and daughter. Takashi cares deeply about his daughter like any other father-daughter relationship. And, like any other father, he is protective of her. Proof of this is when he opposed her to become an idol. Although he doesn't explain why, he discovers how serious she is of becoming an idol and begins to support her. He also loves to cook yummy food for her.

Tsukishima Subaru (月島すばる?) is Takashi's eldest child and son. Both of them seem to care about each other and love each other as father and son, but not much is known about their relationship.

Tsukishima Luna/Urara (月島ルナ / うらら?) is Takashi's wife. When their children were little, Luna left Japan to pursue her dreams as an actress. Years later, Luna returns to Japan as a successful actress, but doesn't go home right away. When Kirari gets the role as the heroine in a movie Luna is starring in, Kirari gives her father a magazine with Luna on the cover. After Kirari leaves him, Takashi looks at the magazine and is shocked to see his wife on the cover. Later, Kirari drops a picture frame and discovers there's a picture hidden behind the photo. The picture is that of her mother and Kirari believes that her mother looks similar to Luna. However, Takashi tells Kirari to forget about the picture and takes it away. Later on, Luna visits the Kirarin Café and is happily reunited with her mother and husband. Luna asks Takashi to not tell Kirari that she is her mother and explains she wants Kirari to focus on the movie. After completion of the movie and Luna confesses to Kirari that she is her mother, Luna wants Kirari to come with her to Hollywood, but Kirari declines, saying she wants to continue being an idol, and stay with her friends and family.

Name OriginEdit

"Tsukishima" means "moon island," which could refer to his wife's first name. "Takashi" means "praiseworthy."